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happy late world ballet day, folks

BB Gunman Fires at Jews in Baltimore on Rosh HaShanah





I have close friends who live right near there.

I think it speaks to my current mental state vis-a-vis anti-semitism that I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t a real gun instead of being outraged at the fact that a hate crime was perpetrated against Jews on Rosh HaShanah. 

yes but take a step back and realize how truly fucked that is

"yes there was a gun crime but thank god it wasn’t a real gun this time, it’s better than normal!"

it’s not normal to be shot at at your site of worship, or at all

why is this our normal

that’s the real question everyone should be asking

why is this the jewish normal

not “but don’t jews have white privilege” or “how can you tell a zionist from a good jew”

why is this our normal?

sorry, my mom said my anaconda can’t

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i totally left you, and besides a few people i’m actually still close with, i don’t know what happened to the community. i distrust everyone who i dont talk to personally because of one specific incident but it was still a great fun for a few years. 


studying for this midterm is so easy when my notes are so comprehensive 

my arch looks super good in that photo tho yay for russians

happy late world ballet day, folks


The If/Then Cast | Then & Now (Idina, Anthony, James)

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this is so harddd

1) you’ve taught me so much about a lot of things, and i want to be closer to you but i also don’t want to piss you off but i wish we could talk more

2) you meant so much to me, and i still have an inkling you’re not entirely straight (you’ve had sex and never had a bf…i didn’t think of a second meaning for that until it was toolate to ask) but you are the coolest person ever and i wish you were in my life still

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you need to watch what you’re saying because sometimes it gets really harsh and while htat’s probably not the intent you can’t be so rude to your studnets

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wow really omg

1) i need you to realize that you aren’t as smart as you think you are, and most of your friends dislike you. it’s sad but it’s true and it’s because you alienate them and you need to stop only coming to me when you need something. 

2) can you stop critiquing every decision i make when i know you’ll adopt it a few months later? also, it’s just rude.

3) you’re a terrible teacher and shouldn’t be teaching an honors lane. 

wow my friend is being such a bitch rn. she asked a question and i responded hella as an affirmative and then she got so mad at me and like urban dictionaried hella and how it wasn’t an affirmative and i’m like “languages change” so she looked up the origins of hella and copy pasted it and was like “clearly it wasnt a langauge change” which what ?and is typing so bossily it’s ridiculous she thinks she’s top of the heap